• Steerable wheels
  • Opening doors and hood
  • Detailed chassis
  • Complete interior
  • 425HP, 426ci HEMI V8
  • Air Grabber induction
  • Painted in authentic Jamaica Blue with black stripes

The early '60s brought on the advent of the "Muscle Car" and as the decade passed, Plymouth set its sights on the young muscle car enthusiasts who wanted more power and beauty and less price tag. Plymouth's goal was to produce a muscle machine that was capable of 100 mph standing quarter-mile speeds and that had a sticker price of $3,000.

Plymouth's goal was certainly nothing new to the auto industry; others tried the concept in the past, but Plymouth did it better and offered their low-budget muscle car at the right time along with a catchy product name and advertising campaign.

The Road Runner was the perfect combination of good-natured fun, tough looks and raw power. With first year sales of around 3,000 units, Plymouth joyfully delivered over 44,000 Road Runners. Despite increased competition from other manufactures in 1969 the Road Runner's sales rose to 84,000 units. Along with the increase in sales the '69 Road Runner earned the Motor Trend "Car of the Year" award.

Although the Road Runner wasn't equipped with many frills, a good number of options were available for the consumer with a little extra cash. A wise option for those with a strong heart was the 425hp, 426 cu. in. HEMI engine, which came standard with the Air Grabber induction system. With a HEMI installed the Road Runner could rocket to quarter-mile speeds of over 105 mph. Quite impressive for a muscle car still priced under $4,000.